The Abandoned Lullaby

Philly’s answer to Gnarls Barkley, Icebird pairs producer and multi-instrumentalist RJD2—known for both his Mad Men theme and string of solo albums—with soul man Aaron Livingston, who’s sung on albums by the Roots, among others. The sound is spaced-out, low-key hip-hop crossed with moody psychedelic soul—a confluence of bumping beats, doo-wop pianos and analog synths. Highlight “Just Love Me” moves on up with a retooled Curtis Mayfield groove, while 8-bit Nintendo blips bubble under “The Return of Tronson.” Whether “I’m Green,” with its bluesy classic-rock riff, is a reference to Cee-Lo Green—Livingston’s smooth-crooning counterpart in Gnarls Barkley—the retro-futuristic tune is about as odd and instantly likable as anything Icebird’s mega-selling predecessors have released.

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