Vocal control and effects at your feet

FOR: Singers who want to take control. TC-Helicon has introduced single stomp-sized pedals, firmly rooted in the world’s top pro studios and patterned on guitar players’ pedal boards, for vocalists who want more of a say in the way they sound. What you might not expect from this series of stompboxes is the amount of stuff that’s under the hood. Studio quality mic pre-amps and a great range of useful effects are the tip of the iceberg. The USB connectivity is where the real magic happens, via the Mac- and PC-compliant VoiceSupport application—and once connected, you can easily refresh firmware. Whether patched directly into a Fishman Loudbox Mini “street” amp or as an insert in Pro Tools, each of the pedals performed impressively.

NOT FOR: Mimes, vocal purists.

– Doug Doppler

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