Déjà vu all over again

FOR: Fans craving new additions to this wildly successful guitar-centric Pro Tools interface. Whether you’re already using Eleven or are considering taking the plunge into the “11R” universe, there’s plenty to love about this update. Perfectly complementing the 13 amp, eight cabinet and six effects model additions, the speaker breakup emulation also takes the original models to a whole new level. The interaction between the amp and speakers is a huge part of any killer guitar rig, so it’s great to see this feature included. It’s equally exciting to see a Super Reverb model. In combination with 11R’s Tube Screamer and Fender tube reverb, this one hits the mark. The new channel strip–style plug-ins are a big plus for tracking vocals, and you can definitely give the bass player some oomph with the very cool SVT amp and 8×10 cabinet models. We think you’ll have a great time going to Eleven—again.

NOT FOR: Those with uptight neighbors.


– Doug Doppler

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