The Britannicas

Chicago’s Herb Eimerman, a member of America’s power-pop elite, goes international with the Britannicas—literally and figuratively. Featuring Eimerman on bass, joined by Swedish guitarist Magnus Karlsson and Aussie drummer Joe Algeri, the Britannicas’ self-titled debut overflows with ear candy and retro touches. The soaring harmonies that grace “Those Good Vibrations” suggest the Byrds referencing the Beach Boys. Similarly, “Friday Night Alright (Come Out and Play)” replays the Easybeats’ “Friday on my Mind” as if retooled by Buddy Holly. And the three songs that end the set—”Blue Sky Grey,” “Love Trap” and “The Other Side”—mine the Moody Blues. With each band member being a superb songwriter and an instrumental multitasker, the album is a thoroughly collaborative effort. Hail the Britannicas!

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