Mayhaw VaudevilleLEE ALEXANDER & CO.

Mayhaw Vaudeville

Lee Alexander’s penchant for backwoods melodies and forlorn sensibilities fuses on Mayhaw Vaudeville with his sepia-tinted delivery. Including songs boasting a warbling croon sung through a tinny megaphone, Alexander mines his Vaudeville muse through a preponderance of weary, bluesy ballads. That said, a few jauntier excursions (”Okemah Moon,” the traditional folk tune “Maggie Mae”) temper the album’s more laconic ruminations (“Miles Between,” “Mayhaw Wine”). Adding to the ambiance is the self-played homespun instrumentation, including pedal steel, jaw harp, tin whistle and accordion. Winsome and romantic, Alexander’s ragtime band rolls on.

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