IV Common Threads

[Skaggs Family Records]

IV Common Threads is Sunday afternoon music, perfect for the moments when the church sermon’s still lingering in your ears as you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Several songs here touch upon religious themes, whether explicitly (“Idle Hands”) or implicitly (“It’s Your Love”). Both of those tunes come from B.J. Cherryholmes’ pen (although his brother Skip sings the latter). Sister Cia contributes more secular offerings with the lively, crossover-ready “How Far Will You Go” and “When It’s Not With Me Everyday.” As usual, the Cherryholmes family shares the songwriting and singing chores (save bass-playing papa Jere). Sister Molly delivers some life lessons in “I Am Your Conscience” and “Live It,” and mother Sandy stretches the family bluegrass sound with her jazzy “Changed in a Moment” and the gospel-infused “Standing.” Common Threads weaves together the family’s varied but never divergent styles to create a marvelous bluegrass patchwork.


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