Tall Texas TalesBOB CHEEVERS

Tall Texas Tales


The album cover offers a first hint of Bob Cheevers’ venerable nature—with a portrait that resembles the rugged Indian chief once etched on an old nickel, he projects an air of grizzled authenticity. And Cheevers is the real deal, a dusty Texas troubadour with a wise perspective and a weathered set of tunes. Whether he’s crooning everyday observations (“Grown Up People,” “Luckenbach”) moaning the blues (“Texas Is an Only Child”), waxing euphemistically (“One Good Rib”) or purveying a weary road tale (“Budget Motel”), Cheevers fully inhabits the songs he sings. Pedal steel, acoustic guitars, banjo and fiddle put the music on firm footing with a sound that’s emphatic but never overwhelming.

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