Paper Tongues

Paper Tongues

HOMETOWN: Charlotte, N.C.

MEMBERS: Aswan North (vocals),
Devin Forbes (guitar),
Joey Signa (guitar),
Cody Blackler (keyboards),
Clayton Simon (keyboards),
Danny Santell (bass),
Jordan Hardee (drums)

ALBUM: Self-titled debut out this summer; Ride to California digital EP out now

WEBSITE: papertongues.com

PAPER TONGUES’ MEMBERS GREW UP IN NORTH Carolina listening to rock, electronica and hip-hop, and all those elements and more are combined in their eclectic sound. “Grandmaster Flash was definitely a huge influence, and there was a ton of country music around me at all times—Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs and Hank Williams,” says lead singer Aswan North. “i’ve absorbed it all and I use those influences every day in writing lyrics and singing the songs.” North developed his musical ideas while taking part in a weekly event (which he co-founded) that featured Charlotte musicians playing for members of the city’s homeless population, and soon discovered like-minded musicians to round out the lineup. the group has been at work with producers Brian West, Mark Endert, John Fields, Billy Hume and Nicholas Balachandran on tracks for its upcoming full-length debut. “it’s rock music for sure,” says keyboardist Cody Blackler, “but we also want to bring something new.”

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